McFinn Technologies manufactures innovative gentle handling, low shear pumps for the dairy industry and currently holds one U.S. patent on low shear pump technology with an additional, "patent applied for."  In addition, McFinn holds three registered trademarks and is a 3A sanitary standards holder for pumps, valves and fittings.

McFinn Technologies offers gentle, low shear, pumping technologies and intuitive controls that are simple to set up and operate:

1.  Bowpeller model  B15154 is a patented, low shear centrifugal pump ideal for milk receiver applications of medium to large size: This unique centrifugal pump is an ideal gentle milk pump for applications on double 12 parlors or larger. Bowpeller design provides gentle handling and consistent head pressure across its full pumping range, making it more efficient when pumping through your chiller. Pump is capable of 130 gpm and 72 feet total dynamic head. 

​2.  McFinn offers the "Brain" controller that interfaces with your smart phone and reduces the parameter input to the VFD to be reduced to 3-5 inputs via smart phone. Inputs are plain English and simple to use.  Extremely easy to set high and low level and set pump out timer and/or integrate additional input signals. Great pricing.

Mcfinn Technologies: Low shear, Milk Receiver Pumps and Milk Tanker Pumps with innovative controls

Bowpeller (Milk hauling system above)

The Bowpeller centrifugal pump is a leap in milk pumping technology.  Patented gentle and low shear design, it is low foaming and can empty the hose better than any other centrifugal pump.  Its high capacity (more than 2,800lbs/min) and it is provided with preprogrammed VFD and motor to ensure non-overloading operation.  It is ideal for west coast milk haulers that do not require a self priming pump.   

State of the Art

Bowpeller pumps are American made and designed for gentle, low shear product handling.  The integration of remote controlled drives that maximize capability are a hallmark of McFinn Technologies.

Milk Hauling Industry

What We Offer

US-FIP (US-FIP 30080 pump and MILKMAXSYST above)

Is the leader in high capacity flexible impeller pumps for the milk hauling industry.  US-FIP introduced the first 3" x 3" flexible impeller pump with MILKMAX remote control loading system.  Capacities above 1,700lbs/min with 2.5" hose.

State of the Art

US-FIP pumps are American made and we integrate VFDs and wireless remote control to provide the hauler capability that flexes to meet the demands of each individual farm pick up.

US-FIP 30080  3"x 3" MILKMAXSYST-Elect

Capacities in excess of 1700lbs/min  with 2.5" hose and 3" farm valves

Utilizes standard single phase 220V farm voltage

Wireless remote control is standard

MAMMOTH VALVE: MV60TTF is a Non-leaking – Non galling 3A designated American designed and manufactured tanker valve. Hex nut designed for 3” wrench (not the odd size 3.5”) It utilizes a three “O” ring design coupled with a sanitary composite material bushing to provide a cleaner and longer lasting valve.