American made US-FIP flexible impeller pumps are self-priming, can handle large cheese curd and are flow reversible.  US-FIP pumps come in 4 sizes: 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3" Our pumps are manufactured to food grade standards and carry the 3A symbol for use in food and dairy and our impellers and are in accordance with FDA, CFR 21.

US-FIP flexible impeller pumps are ideal pump options for gentle handling of curd 


Bowpeller is our patented low shear, gentle product handling centrifugal pump.  It is ideal for gentle transfer of raw milk and is more gentle to the milk fat globule than standard centrifugal pumps.

Bowpeller comes in 2 model sizes;

B15154: 1-130gpm 71'TDH max

B3258:  100-450gpm 140'TDH 

Two great low shear, gentle product pumping technologies!